Run as service

It is possible to run your kervi application as an service that starts with your device (Raspberry Pi).

Install service

To install your application as a service use the –install-service as a parameter.

>python3 --install-service

Start, stop, restart

You need to stop your application if it is started as a service before you are able to update the code. You can start, stop and restart by using the parameters –start-service, –stop-service and –restart-service

>python3 --stop-service

Uninstall service

Use the parameter –uninstall-service if you want to stop running your application as service.

>python3 --uninstall-service

Detect running services

You can use the Kervi cli tool to detect running kervi applications if you are unsure whether or not a service is running.

>kervi detect applications

This will list all running kervi applications on the local network.