This section shows how to initialize and link motor drivers in the kervi device library.

See Motors for further details on programming motors.


LN298 is a 2 channal dc motor driver or one channel stepper driver.

from kervi.devices.motors.LN298 import PCA9685DeviceDriver
LN298DeviceDriver(ena, in1, in2, enb, in3, in4, board_id="LN298", board_name="LN298")
ena, in1, in2:gpio connections to respective pins on LN298 device for motor 1
enb, in3, in4:gpio connections to respective pins on LN298 device for motor 2
board_id:id used to reference this bord when using indirect linking.
board_name:Name of board.
from kervi.application import Application
APP = Application()

from kervi.hal import GPIO
from kervi.devices.motor.LN298 import LN298DeviceDriver
motor_driver = LN298DeviceDriver(
    GPIO["GPIO17"], GPIO["GPIO27"], GPIO["GPIO22"],
    GPIO["GPIO5"], GPIO["GPIO6"], GPIO["GPIO13"],

motor_driver.dc[0].speed = 20
motor_driver.dc[1].speed = -20